2 Rockets Fired at Northern Israel


rockets-israelTwo Katyusha rockets were fired at Northern Israel Shabbis morning. The rockets fell in the hills near Kiryat Shmonah. Fires broke out as a result of the explosions. Another two rockets fell in Lebanese territory. No damage or injuries were reported.

IDF guns retaliated by firing several shells at the source. A severe message was conveyed to the UN force responsible for the zone from which the rockets were fired. An IDF spokesperson announced that it will not tolerate the harming of Israeli citizens.

Nissim Malka, mayor of Kiryat Shmonah, told of what he experienced this morning: “It sounded as if the rockets had fallen in the town. I immediately called the police. The alarm is disconnected, and so it didn’t go off.” Students were ordered to stay close to sheltered areas. Benny Ben Muvchar, head of the Mevo’ot Hermon Regional Council stated: “Unfortunately, we are well versed in such incidents. We stopped all school bus traffic immediately after the attack. We trust the IDF to protect the resident of the region.”

Normal life has resumed in the north after it became apparent that this is not a developing incident.

{By Aryeh Savir-Tazpit News Agency}

{Matzav.com Israel}


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