2 Million Less Jews Today Than Before World War II


There are 2 million less Jews today than there were before World War II, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) announced.

2016 figures indicate a Jewish population of 14.511 million, two million less than the 16.6 million prior to World War II. As the Jewish population increased 26% since 1945, the world population jumped threefold to 7.5 billion.

Israel is now home to over 6.4 million Jews, the largest Jewish population in the world. The U.S. follows with 5.7 million, while France and Canada have 456,000 and 390,000, Jews respectively.

Britain is home to 290,000 Jews, Argentina to 181,000, Russia to 176,000, Germany to 117,000 and Australia to 113,000.



  1. And I’m sure they’re including those “Jews” whose father is Jewish but not the mother, and those with reform and conservative conversions too.

  2. The jewish population is about 13 million and shrinking because most Jews are not orthodox and they are either intermarrying,not marrying or having very few children. Israel is counting people as Jews who are about as jewish as my pet turtle. They also forgot to count the Jews living in Iran that number between 10 and 15 thousand. France has less than half million as many have left. American Jews shrink every year by a hundred thousand. The only ones growing fast is the chareidim worldwide.

  3. That’s because of assimilation and nebach, older singles never getting married and therefore not having children r”l.


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