2 Lawsuits Filed Against Kiryas Yoel Expansion


kiryas yoelThe Kiryas Yoel board approved two petitions to annex 507 acres and a 164-acre subset of that territory into the village from the Town of Monroe on Sept. 6.
Two days later, the Monroe board approved the 164-acre petition and rejected the 507 acre proposal. Kiryas Yoel plans to contest Monroe’s rejection of the larger petition by bringing its own court case in the Appellate Division of Supreme Court within 30 days, or by this Thursday.

The 28-page lawsuit filed on Friday asks the court to annul the annexation approvals, the environmental findings by both boards and the two petitions themselves. It also seeks to block Kiryas Yoel and Monroe from acting on the 164-acre annexation that both boards approved while the case is pending.

“Litigation is a matter of last resort to correct wrongs,” Woodbury Mayor Michael Queenan said Monday in a joint statement that quoted nine mayors and supervisors, County Executive Steve Neuhaus and the plaintiffs’ attorney, Philip Carmel. “Despite the many environmental issues identified by the Village of Woodbury in this annexation process, those serious issues were neither identified, studied nor responsibly addressed. Therefore, this matter is before the Court to resolve.”

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