1st Flu-related Child Death Reported In New Jersey


State health officials have confirmed the first death of a New Jersey child associated with the flu this season.

The state Department of Health announced Tuesday the child from central New Jersey died in late December.

The department did not release additional information about the child, citing privacy concerns. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 80,000 people died nationally, including 180 children, during last year’s flu season.


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    • oh now the antivaxers are into numbers. is this the same people who whine about themirsol because it sounds scary because it’s a form of mercury. but ignore the actual mercury content in tuna fish! or the people who say their are to many vaccines based on reading one mommy blog that said scary words!

    • You thought what?
      That when its less than 1/60 a life becomes ‘botul’ and unimportant?
      People are not numbers. Have some respect please.

  1. Since most flu deaths and fatal injuries are from those who received the flu vaccine, we can assume that this child received the deadly injection as well. However, don’t expect the truth from the CDC, agent from Big Pharma.

    • This is the literal opposite of how this works. Most flu deaths are from people who HAVE THE FLU. That’s what it means. You get the vaccine to not have the flu.

    • this just in breaking news it was trump on the grassy knoll on the day Kennedy was shot!
      talk about conspiracy theories!

    • I can speculate that if the child had NOT received the vaccine, it would be all over the news, showing how “important it is to get the vaccine” Since they don’t say, it is obvious that he DID receive the vaccine.

      • nyj
        that’s not the way the news works! the parent probably didnt talk to the news! and since this was a child their records wouldn’t be available to the news probably!

  2. 2 really important questions:
    did the child have the flu shot
    did the child take tamiflu
    Flu shot and / or tamiflu can increase chance of death in relation to the flu. (even though they say the opposite is true)
    but they will NEVER report that.
    tamiflu is a very harmful drug. do research before giving it to your child PLEASE!!!

  3. So busy with the Jews are spreading disease by not vaccinating and making a Chilul Hashem. You may want to read on-
    1- there are NON -Jewish Private Schools out there that
    have 100% religious exempt. That means that no student in their school is vaccinated. You can check this out by googling “vaccination rates in school’s database.”

    2. There are public schools in the zip codes that the students were expelled from due to the outbreak, that have greater percentage of non vaxxed Children. They weren’t expelled. Don’t you see some sort of target here? That brings us to –

    3. The one behind this fiasco is Tom Frieden- who has a prestigious job in the CDC. Guess what!? He too was behind the Metzitz B’peh situation. He tried banning all Bris Milah! Is that a clear target?

    4. Since when does the DOH care so much about our health? Aren’t they allowing foods or the likes that are completely unhealthy to be sold on the shelves of stores? Why don’t they ban those kind of things that clearly lead to all kind of issues? Whether, Physically or mentally (ADHD…). So why are they desperate here for you to vaccinate-

    5. There are major filthy rich investors involved and supporting studies done on vaccines. Did you know, that any doctor that has patients completely in compliance, gets $400 per patient. Wake up! Don’t you smell the business deal- they’re gaining on you? Don’t you see why it is so important for them that you vaccinate and are completely up to date?
    The CDC and the DOH are known for creating cases, diseases and deaths as a tactic to traumitize you and get you to vaccinate. I know of a child who died of heart failure, the CDC used this case and said he died of the flu because he wasn’t vaccinated. When the kid never had the flu.

    6. Attached find a link to which you’ll see the government documents stating 1,570 vaccine injuries which occurred in NJ alone in the year of 2008. https://njvaccinechoice.com/vaers-data/ – After reading this do you still feel vaccine injuries are a one in a million chance. Do you need more proof than that?!
    7. Attached here you can read testimonials of real people in the Jewish community alone that agreed to vaccinate. They followed their doctors blindly- just like most of us- and learned the hard way. https://www.shmakolainu.com/testimonials/ .

    8. You can watch moving videos on the website http://www.vaxxed.com

    As long as you weren’t affected Baruch Hashem it is easy to talk, shout, negate and condemn. Hashem should help you should never be tested and you temimos/luck should work for you, but these parents who you are booing have to live with their disabled children or unfortunately the memory of their children day in and day out. So, next time before you condemn someone, maybe think do I know all the facts are am I just following the DOH, CDC, and doctors blindly. Because, just remember they are not God and there is a reason they all have good fatality insurance plans. Everyone can make mistakes and malpractices.

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