15 Detained for Protesting for Shabbos


chareidi-arrestHundreds gathered today at the intersection of Rechov Shivtei Yisroel and Rechov Hanevi’im in Yerushalayim to protest against the opening of the Karta parking lot on Shabbos. The lot, which is located near Shaar Yaffo, has 800 spaces. Fifteen protestors were detained by police. Some 150 people made it to the parking lot area and tried

In June, following the protests sparked by the municipality’s decision to keep the Safra parking lot open on Shabbos, and a court order to that effect, Mayor Nir Barkat announced that Safra will remain closed and the city’s Karta lot will be opened in its stead.

protest-largeSince then, the frum community has protested every Shabbos.

Security forces dispersed the rioters using water cannons and other means.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel/JPost/Ynet/Agencies}


  1. How many of them are m’chal’lei Shabbos in order to “protest for Shabbos”? Their actions are certainly not l’toeles. If so, it can only lead to chillul HaShem.

  2. Lawlessness, unsanctioned of course by Gedolim, does not add glory to “our holy land Jerusalem.” Youngsters running wild with smirks on their faces, and burning trash cans belonging to unknown citizens and appropriated by hoodlums bring no glory to Torah in the eyes of anyone who might otherwise be sympathetic.

  3. Above commenters:

    You should sit down and have a talk with some respectable yerushalmi people. I’m not here to condone the acts but just to say that you’d be surprised how your attitude can change once you have a bit more understanding of where these protesters are coming from.

  4. Why not just sit down in front of the parking lot and in the driveway and refuse to move? When someone is picked up and carried away someone else moves into his place. This worked for the anti-Vietnam war movement in the United States. It still gets news coverage, but it has dignity.

    Oh, and the protesters should be over 18. Kids shouldn’t be sent to do a man’s job.

  5. comment 5 i agree with you one hundred percent. Beside the fact that i do not believe that i was as bad as being reported. I’ve lived in this country for many years, and although i am sure there were some things thrown it was not as bad as it seems. The people feel {and rightfully so} that there is no one to talk to. they’ve tried it many times and get nowhere


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