15 Dead After Iranian Military Plan Crashes Near Tehran


A Boeing 707 military cargo plane with ten people on board crashed near the Iranian capital on Monday amid harsh weather conditions, local media reported.

The Fars news agency, considered close to the military, said there were 16 people onboard and that only the flight engineer had survived.The plane reportedly failed to reach the runway, crashing into a residential complex near the Iranian capital of Tehran.

“A (Boeing) cargo 707 place carrying meat took off from Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan and had an emergency landing at Fath airport this morning,” the army said in a statement on its website.Fath airport is in Alborz province, just northwest of Tehran. “It exited the runway during the landing and caught fire after hitting the wall at the end of the runway,” the army statement said.

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  1. 15 dead just from a plan crashing and not going according to plan, imagine what catastrophe would result if they had a flight disaster.

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