15 Arrested Trying To Staunch Israeli Assimilation


Fifteen members of the Lehava group have been arrested in Israel, including the group’s leader, Ben-Tzion Gopstein.

The raids and arrests were carried out simultaneously all over Israel, with those detained being accused of attacking and threatening Arab men who are dating Jewish women.

{Matzav.com Israel Bureau}


  1. A sister-story to the Chabbadnikim fined for helping his Jewish brothers put on tefillin. The Zionists have no problem with missionaries all over Israel missionizing Xtianity, but woe to anyone who tries to remove a Jew from the hands of missionaries and Arabs. HASHEM, PLEASE SEND MASHIACH NOW! We need Israel back from the evil Zionists.

  2. The word is not assimilation ר״ל , the correct word is intermarriage ר״ל……
    שד׳ יערה ממרום רוח טהרה


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