Kerry Says International Presence On the Har Habayis Is Not Needed


kerrySecretary of State John Kerry rejected calls for an international presence on the Har Habayis in Yerushalayim.

“We don’t contemplate any change, but nor does Israel,” Kerry told reporters in Madrid. “Israel understands the importance of that status quo. What is important is to make sure everybody understands what that means. We are not seeking some new change. We are not seeking outsiders or others to come in.”

“We need to have clarity,” he added.

France recently introduced a proposal at the United Nations to have an international presence on the Har Habayis to ensure the status quo at the site. But both Israel and Jordan rejected the move.

Kerry plans to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu this week in Berlin, and will also meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah in Amman.




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