13 Injured After Fire Breaks Out In Yeshivas Torah Ohr In Yerushalayim


Four Fire and Rescue Service teams were called to put out a fire that broke out in Yeshivas Torah Or located in Sorotzkin in Yerushalayim . A toaster oven used on a mattress in one of the dormitory rooms led to the mattress catching on fire which spread to the entire room.

Firefighters rescued a number of people trapped from the smoke and fire. They contained the fire – which was burning strongly in one of the rooms – and cleared out the smoke which had accumulated in the building.

MDA teams evacuated thirteen injured persons, of which 10 were minors and 3 adults, to Shaare Tzedek Hospital to be treated for minor injuries.


  1. A toaster oven on a mattress? What kind of tippish puts a toaster oven on a mattress? We have to constantly teach young (and old) students safety and security before going any further with Bais Medrash/classroom subjects.

    • It is proof of what my Rosh Yeshiva zt”l. said many times about certain bochurim and avreichem:

      “Has a gemoorah koop, but nisht vit de commen sensen”.


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