$124 Fine For Chabad Chasid Manning Tefillin Stand In Yerushalayim


A Yerushalayim municipal supervisor on Friday fined a Chabad chasid for standing near Tachana Merkazit and offering passersby the opportunity to put on tefillin.

Arriving at the tefillin stand, the supervisor ordered the chasid to close his stand, which has been operating for the past four years, and slapped him with a 450 NIS ($124) fine.

Councilman Aryeh King arrived at the site and protested the municipality’s unequal enforcement.

“The Yerushalayim municipality continues the policy dictated by radical left-wing organizations: Chasing every hint of Judaism in public areas, especially tefillin stands,” King said. “And all of this while the municipality allows missionary and messianic organizations a free hand.”

“Yerushalayim is not Tel Aviv. I will ensure that this is a one-time incident which will not repeat itself. We will continue to see tefillin stands and other Jewish signs in the public domain in Yerushalayim, the capital of the State of Israel.”


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  1. Aryeh king should be mayor of Jerusalem. Non of the politicians have the guts and true idealism as king does. He was the only one who opposed putting up the toavah flags in Yerushalayim in the days before the toeiva parade. Non of the chareidim cared. He did s a true fighter for Torah.

  2. Rules are rules. It’s not a free-for-all. You need to obtain a permit. How is that any different than Brooklyn homeowners that make illegal curb-cuts in front of their house, hogging precious parking spots from the tzibbur, causing agmas nefesh to the public, thereby causing a major chillul Hashem?!

  3. i agree if “And all of this while the municipality allows missionary and messianic organizations a free hand.”

    it makes sense that the chabad messianic organizations should be allowed to there things also.

  4. Very good emissaries. The cartoon of Israel will come to a close. Any reasonable minyan knows maybe we can get more congregants. But if the chabad is right, we can bet that maybe someone solicited to put on phylacteries might be gay to dream to daven.

    Otherwise its a gimmick. Torah is strong by the congregation. Not the bother on the side of every sinple road.

    Groups are angry. Its not polite. Still need is any time to see tefillin placed. A soul may assume he completed all his mitzvot and gladly feel the rabbi gave him halachaic excuse to continue any unorthodox fate.

    This is not enough. Brothers are not to be gay because the emissary gave him a good look. He must make his good look himself through halacha and mind.

    This is not veracity but funniness. It is not Jacob.


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