10th Visit to Israel: Is Kerry Eyeing Nobel Prize?


kerry-israel-pa-talksThe expected visit of Secretary of State John Kerry today is accompanied by great expectations on the Israeli side. “In fact, Kerry will build the foundations (for a deal)”, said a senior Israeli source, who is involved in the negotiations with the Palestinians. “He will present the (agreement) outline, and will demand both sides to act within it. There will be no fluctuation from these boundaries in the future, which is why this visit is so important. It is advised not to underestimate it.”

Israel anxiously awaits the framework document which is expected to be brought forth by Kerry. At the moment, apart from reaching a permanent agreement, the Americans’ main goal is to prevent the failure of the talks, a matter on which both Kerry and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu concur.

Kerry is expected to land with an Israeli-Palestinian framework agreement under his wing. The agreement bears one goal: To overcome the nine months barrier set for the negotiations and allow the persistence of the dialogue. Therefore the framework agreement includes the most important aspects for both parties: Security for Israel and a state for the Palestinians.

Nobel Peace Prize?

Another question that arises is what drives US secretary of state in his visits to the region. Previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came to Israel five times during her tenure, and was cautious not to get involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, for fear it would hurt her chances to run for presidency in the future.

The current state secretary, a second-generation diplomat, decided to push the issue forward like a bulldozer, against all odds, as much pessimism is expressed by all those involved.

This is where his chance lies to enter the world’s hall of fame and possibly be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

But even those who disagree with Kerry, from senior ministers to junior Knesset Members, praise his determination and willingness to sacrifice so much time in promoting the process.

“He is determined and takes on this mission very seriously,” said a senior Labor party member a few days ago. Ministers have also applauded Kerry’s great efforts.

Kerry invests in the conflict more than in any other subject, contrary to a previous White House decision to transfer the weight of American diplomacy to the Far East.

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  1. Stubbornness is only valuable when applied to a legitimate value, with integrity. We Bnei Israel are stubborn to adhere to Torah. Kerry is stubborn because of his personal ambitions, mixed as they are. He mimics his boss, the egomaniac.


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