100+ Newspapers Unite Against Trump’s War on the Media


It’s one of his favorite catchphrases, but newsrooms across the U.S. are teaming up to fight back against Donald Trump’s repeated assertion that the media is the “enemy of the people.” More than 100 newsrooms launched a coordinated effort against the president’s attacks on the press with a series of newspaper editorials to be published Thursday. The New York Times says that criticism is welcome in journalism, but calling news “fake” attacks the “lifeblood of democracy.”

The San Jose Mercury News says it’s “shocking” that it would have to defend itself from the president in a nation built on a free press. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch calls journalists the “truest of patriots.” Many more editorials are expected to be published throughout the day. Read more at Axios.



  1. There is no collusion of the newspapers, TV, Radio, etc. they just accidently have the same news at the same time and the same opinion, Surprise! Surprise !

  2. Hey guys y don’t you start reporting mews instead of manuafacturing it and you will be looked at differently. I never had a bad word for crooked Hillary or Obama whether it pertained to pallets of cash to Iran or Benghazi or Obama care or when he mixed in local police matters that had nothing to do with him but when it comes to trump you can’t find one positive thing to say

  3. Let’s boycott all newspapers who oppose Trump. The anti orthodox papers like the jewish week are anti Trump. No orthodox owned company should advertise in these fake news outlets. Trump 2020

    • WHICH Jewish newspaper or other forms of media (online, radio, telephone) do not copy or mimic their reports from these Fake News Enemies of the People? Could you give me 1? Matzav.com seems to be the ONLY ONE who – most of the time (not always) – allows real “free speech” even if it doesn’t follow Fake News narratives that the corrupt CIA and FBI are trying to shove down your throats.


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