$100 Million Fund to Blunt Budget Measures Aimed at Chareidim


chareidim“A Lapid bypass plan” is how an initiative in the chareidi community “to help the world of the Torah get through the years of distress with a minimum of harm” is being termed.

Globes Israel reports that a number of chareidi askanim and philanthropists have been recruited for the plan to minimize the “damage” planned by the government and Minister of Finance Yair Lapid in cutting budgets for yeshivos, and the economic sanctions against yeshiva students who will not serve in the IDF.

The plan’s initiator, according to Globes, has obtained from charedi MKs precise data, which indicate that “the measures to be imposed on the world of the Torah” will cut $100 million from the yeshiva budget over the next 18 months. It adds that this is the target that the charedi tycoons hope to raise for the special fund, which will be established in a few weeks.

A meeting of wealthy charedim has been arranged to be held in two weeks, and that some of them who have already confirmed their participation, are donating huge for Torah institutions and kiruv. Projects in the sector have reportedly been cut to an absolute minimum to help yeshiva heads “bear a burden which has become too heavy to bear.”

The activity will focus on two levels: filling the yeshivas’ treasuries, and boosting the income of students. There is also an initiative to foster employment and training of charedi women in jobs consistent with the charedi way of life.

The fund will raise the money over the next 18 months.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. I think these are the kinds of things for which it is better to be silent in advance and not tell the non frum world what is being planned to counter their gezeiros.

  2. Wow. Mamish amazing. This will certainly help alleviate the current concerns and pressure but it may also feed the government fire against the yeshivos with much fuel. Now they can cut but not feel bad because outsiders pumped $100 million dollars into the Israeli economy. Lapid has got to be thinking this is a win-win for him and the government.

    Just curious, is anyone working on a $100 million dollar fund for the American Mosdos and American Aniyim?

  3. Why couldnt this have been set up years ago and the community become self sufficient? Will there be safeguards in place to make sure not of the Mosdos are taking advantage? Who will be on the Vaad?

  4. So which local mosdos will suffer when their backers redistribute their wealth across the ocean? I thought we have a chiyuv to help local institutions first?

  5. Most yeshivos and day schools in NY/NJ and the rest of the US are suffering and rebbeim live on the edge. $100 million dollars (a year) would go a long way to solve the problem.

    Meanwhile unrelated to Lapid’s decrees you still have an untenable situation in E. Yisroel where the Charedishe Oilam is completely dependent on US frum yidden and an ever changing Israeli gov’t with no obvious or meaningful (Not Lapid and company) effort to fix the issues….

  6. Yegeas kapecha tochaal, ashrecha vtov luch
    When in history did bn’y need to rely on a government preserve their Torah learning? why have we come to fully rely on outsiders to support us all the while under the guise of “Hashem will provide”. Doesn’t this fear reflect a lack of bitachon from the get go?

  7. If indeed the donors can make up the shortfall, it will be good for all. However, if it means less help for American mosdos, that is taking from one to help another.Maybe it willserve as a stopgap.

  8. Just to be clear. As a working member of the klal my taxes are going up significantly. Everyone in Israel is feeling the squeeze of austerity. This is the economic reality.

  9. To all you idiots who keep bashing when others want to give Tzidaka, keep your mouths shut! You cheap skates obviously never gave a dime in your life to an oeney! keep your money & when you die, the Government will take it away!


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