10 Members of NYC Council: Pardon Rubashkin


By COLlive reporter

10 members of New York City Council are calling on President Barack Obama to pardon the former kosher meat executive Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

Some 64 individuals were pardoned by Obama on Tuesday as he prepares to leave office. An additional 209 prisoners had their sentences commuted, amounting to a total of 1,597 clemencies in his 8 year tenure.

The New York Democrats asked Obama to do the same for Rubashkin, a Chassidic Jew from Postville, Iowa, who has been sentenced for to an unprecedented 27 years in federal prison.

“We respectfully ask that you consider freeing Mr. Rubashkin, who.. has already served seven years of his sentence,” they wrote in a letter to the White House, a copy of which was given to COLlive.com.

“In your eight years as president of our great country, you have asserted that you seek truth, justice, and equality for all. It would be a truly fitting conclusion to your term to demonstrate that by freeing Sholom Rubashkin.”

The letter was signed by Chaim Deutsch, Andrew Cohen, Rory Lancman, Karen Koslowitz, Helen Rosenthal, Alan Maisel, Laurie Cumbo, Brad Lander, Barry Grodenchick and Stephen Levin.

Spearheaded by Deutsch, the letter called the sentence “disproportionate” and said it was “not only extraordinary, but also two years longer than what was recommended by prosecutors.”

They noted that a bi-partisan collection of 51 members of Congress in 16 states have written to the Justice Department to request an investigation into the potential judicial and prosecutorial misconduct that led to Mr. Rubashkin’s unjust sentence.

Today will be the last full day of President Obama in office. Deutsch asked the public to the White House at 202-456-1414 or email President Obama at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact.



  1. Unfortunately, to little to late. NOW they wake up? Where is Jerry Nadler?
    Anyway, lets hope Trump can pardon him.

    • Because he puts Party Loyalty before helping his fellow Jews. He doesn’t want to upset his God, Barack Obama or his mentor…. For shame.

  2. Time to start working on President Trump – or maybe Jared.

  3. Well done Mr Deutsch

    Why so late? There should have been a strong campaign for Mr. Rubashkin’ s freedom with petitions & proper connections made.


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