2 Killed at Arizona High School


[Update below.] A Glendale, Arizona, high school is on lockdown as police investigate a double shooting in which at least one person is reported to be dead.

“I can confirm there has been a double shooting at the high school at 6600 N. 75th,” Glendale Police Officer Tracey Breeden told reporters near Independence High School. “Don’t have a lot of details yet.”

ABC 15 reported that at least two people were shot and one has died.

Breeden also told reporters, “Your children are safe and this is not a dangerous situation.” The officer said those involved were teens, though it was unclear if that was in reference to the suspects or victims.

A tweet from the department described the incident as “isolated.” The school was still on lockdown as of 11 a.m. ET. Read more at CBS 5 AZ.

Update: Two teenage girls were shot dead at a Glendale, Arizona, high school on Friday morning, police announced.

“Both sustained a single gunshot wound,” said police officer Tracey Breeden, “and the weapon was found near them.”

There is no active shooter, though the school remained on lockdown for several hours.

Breeden said authorities do not know what instigated the shooting or what the 15-year-old girls’ relationships to each other were. Breeden also said the manner of the deaths has not been determined, though circumstances suggest it may have been a murder-suicide or a double suicide.

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