“Rumpelnacht”: Ah Gutten Zummer from Matzav.com


pesach-dishesTonight is known in many circles as “Rumpelnacht,” as the post-Pesach cleanup gets underway. With pots, pans and dishes all over the place and kitchenware being moved from here to there, the name “Rumpelnacht” has been found appropriate by some to describe the hectic atmosphere.

So as you “turn back over” from Pesach to chometz, we at Matzav.com wish you bracha and hatzlacha and all the best to your families and loved ones.

We also wish you the customary Motzoei Pesach blessing of “ah gutten zummer” and pray for only the best for all members of Klal Yisroel across the globe.

Next year in Yerushalayim, be’ezras Hashem.

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  1. no one is stopping you from going to yerushalayim this year. get on a plane and go and stop living in chutz laaretz where you can only be half a Jew and are unable to keep man of the taryag mitzvos

  2. There are plenty of big tzadikim and geonim that lived in Chutz Leartetz over the span of generations. You are a tiny spider compared to them so keep quiet

  3. Hi, everyone. Didn’t yoi learn that one reason for our slavery was because of the divisiveness between Yaakov’s sons. And now we are counting Sefirah ( think of the mistake of Rabbi Akiva’s talmidim, and his thought on “V’ahavta … ). And we are headed toward Shavuos,- AS ONE MAN WITH ONE HEART. You all sound like bickering school children. Not sticking around ’cause there’s lots to do. But all of you, play nice.


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