“Pesach Bagel” Available This Year At The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel


bagelsSome people will say it is sacrilegious. Others will say that in der heim, their mother would never go for this. Either way, this year, the five-star Inbal Jerusalem Hotel has introduced a revolutionary concept to their Pesach menu: The Pesach Bagel.

This groundbreaking idea was conceived and developed by Executive Chef Andreas Marinkovits, who has perfected the original recipe to create a New York style bagel, complete with hard crust and fluffy inside that is 100% kosher for Pesach and is exclusively available at the Inbal Jerusalem Hundreds of servings of the iconic lox and cream cheese bagel will be provided during the Yom Tov to the hundreds of New Yorkers and others who flock to the Inbal.

For the first time, they will not have to forgo the iconic classic during the eight days of Pesach.

Nebach, in past years, the bagel was out of reach. But now it will be available.

The bagel, some might say, is the “icing on the cake” of the diverse Pesach menu, offered to the

Inbal’s guests during the chag. The wide selection of dishes include roasted lamb set on a bed of spinach and  roasted potatoes, chicken liver pate with caramelized apples, kosher for Pesach lasagna with grilled vegetables, and even almond-breaded schnitzel for children.

“The greatest challenge in creating the Pesach bagel was to get it to be perfectly fluffy and not too dense on the inside. After a series of multiple experiments, we have found out that boiling the bagel brings the best results.” said Chef Marinkovits to Matzav.com.

“Food is a central part of the Pesach experience and we are proud to be on the cutting edge of cookery innovation, being the first hotel to offer the Pesach bagel,” General Manager Rony Timsit told Matzav.com. “During this holiday, we especially strive to offer our guests a wider selection of kosher for Pesach delicacies, and the kosher for Pesach bagel was especially created to satisfy the tastes of our American clientele.”

The Inbal Jerusalem hotel is situated in the heart of Yerushalayim overlooking the Old City walls.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. You drink coke eat store bought cake and this you find a problem the only question is it gebrochets or not but chometiz it isn’t
    If you don’t like it don’t bring it to your home. But don’t bring if home

  2. They have sunk so very low! A Yid that eats such kinds of food on Pesach, has completely missed the whole point! What is Pesach all about? Why don’t we eat any chometz on Pesach?

  3. TO NUM 1-3:

    #2: It tastes amazing, do you use ketchup,
    #s 1,3 &4: do you have any products at your table? your grandparent did not, but it is okay if it has a kosher certification you rely on, there is nothing wrong with enhancing your yom tov.

  4. The “solution” for “The greatest challenge” was “boiling the bagels” ???? Isnt that how bagels are suppose to be made!?

  5. This is the reason that I admire people that go to the extreme on Pesach. As long as they are around we will be reminded that Pesach is not about about what you can’t eat or not but about what you can’t be or not. If find a way to be arrogant while pretending to be humble…would that be Kosher for pesach? Stop fooling yourself…Kosher bagels for pesach is the same as Kosher gaavah for pesach!

  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong here. Pesach cake has been accepted for years, same thing.

    We aren’t supposed to be disgusted by chometz, just not eat it.

    Nobody has sunk to any level if an innovative and creative chef has figured out something others haven’t. Its not like people were demanding this.

    Kol hakavod to the chef.

  7. #12 I was thinking the same. Maybe the batter had a runny consistency.

    For all those who are up in arms about this being sacrilegious, pesach is still a chag and is meant to be celebrated with delicacies. Just bec you can’t have chometz doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself from everything that you are allowed to have.

  8. All menochos are Kosher l’Pesach including the 4 inch thick Lechem Haponim!!!!

    Thin dry craker is questionable Hamotzi.

  9. Is anybody thinking about sinking their teeth into a Kosher L’Pesach hot pastrami sandwich made of Kosher L’Pesach Rye Bread with Kosher L’Pesach hot pastrami dressed with Kosher L’Pesach mustard?

    Pesach (outside of the Sedorim) is gradually becoming more and more indistinguishable from the rest of the year.

    Niskatnu HaDoros!

  10. This are the lines that are ruining Jewishness in modern times:
    1) where does it says…?
    2) what is wrong with… ?
    the nature of these lines are the prelude to total loss of genuine Jewishness.

    When a people in general learn the law is to see how to go around it. (such as a good lawyer)
    when Jews learn the law (halacha) is in order to fulfill it to the best manner possible.

    If we allow these to lines to lead us…we will end up in the reform movement.
    I remember the Pizza on motsei shabbes was critized long ago…now people go and get a pizza and forget what is a
    melave malka!
    For those that eat bagels kosher l’pesach: I would not even drink a glass of water in your house…

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