‘Surging Seas’ Report: Lower Manhattan Especially Vulnerable To Rising Sea Level


manhattan-bridgeLower Manhattan is one of the most vulnerable locations when it comes to sea level rise from global warming, according to new research.

Ben Strauss, with the New Jersey-based nonprofit, Climate Central, is the author – along with other scientists – of a report titled “Surging Seas.”

Strauss says that with projections of a 2 to 7 foot sea level rise for the year 2100, “parts of the Lower East Side and Battery City Park would be permanently under the water.”

The great risk areas include the areas south of Wall Street, Battery Park City and the entire subway system, which is already below sea level.

“Basically the water would be seven feet higher than it is today, putting parts of Manhattan several feet under the water,” Strauss said.

Strauss says that New York City will need to build sea walls as a precautionary measure.

“Right now the projection for the end of the century is two to seven feet of sea level rise and seven feet would put a lot of Lower Manhattan under water if we didn’t build sea walls to protect it, ” he said.

The analysis in the study also indicates that Louisiana, California, and especially Florida are at risk.

Hoboken, Jersey City and 22 towns along the Jersey Shore would also be vulnerable, according to the projections.

You can find much more about the study here: sealevel.climatecentral.org.

{CBS Local/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Another area of concern is the subways. Even a two-foot average rise would contribute to the subway system gettng flooded, with expensive “fixes” and even re-routing being required. Where is NYC going to get that kind of money when there are going to be so many places needing help?

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