‘Megadrought’ Coming to U.S.


droughtIf trends continues at their current pace, a “megadrought” could envelop the U.S. Southwest and the Great Plains in the middle of this century and last up to three decades. That horrific prediction was made by researchers from NASA and Cornell and Columbia universities.

Such a drought would bring major water shortages and dry conditions that could lead to wildfires, the researchers warned.

“We really need to start thinking in longer-term horizons about how we’re going to manage it,” Toby R. Ault, an assistant professor at Cornell and co-author of the study, said. “This is a slow-moving natural hazard that humans are used to dealing with and used to managing.” Read more at the Washington Post.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. They cannot even predict the weather for next week. How do they know what will be in 25 years?

    Science by consensus is not science: It’s POLITICS.

  2. These guys incorrect forecast closed down the NY metro area last month. If they can’t get it right 24 hours earlier, we should believe them decades in advance?

  3. Global warming articles keeps on contradicting itself. This seems to be another ploy from the media to convince us to switch to ethanol or whatever they are getting rich from.
    They predicted wrong on the last snowstorm in NY and that was within the same week. Can they really know what will take place long term?

  4. Oh yes: from cutting of the normal water flow that used to water the crops of the central Salinas valley (a major food source for the USA and even for other lands), cut off for years by the idiots of EPA and other fools to save the precious itty-bitty fishes that virtually no one ever knew about before.
    Part of the ObAmalek scheme to cripple the USA and assert total control of our lives.


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