Young Israel Announces Initiative To Help Not-For-Profits Generate Funds


young-israel-logoThe National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) has unveiled an innovative initiative designed to help not-for-profit organizations, including synagogues and schools, generate much-needed funds in these tough economic times. The NCYI announced that it has partnered with Hudson Energy Services to present the Affinity Program, which enables not-for-profit organizations to receive an ongoing monthly donation for every customer who signs up with Hudson Energy Services.

“This program is a win-win situation for synagogues and schools, as well as for their congregants, parents, and alumni,” said NCYI Director of Synagogue Services Rabbi Mordechai Roizman. “In these difficult economic times when not-for-profit organizations are challenged to meet their budgets with diminishing charity dollars, this program can help them generate additional operating funds that are vital to their survival.”

Rabbi Roizman noted that participants in the program will not see any noticeable difference between their current utility service and the Affinity Program. According to Rabbi Roizman, people who sign up with Hudson Energy Services, will still receive the same dependable delivery and maintenance by their local utility company.

Hudson Energy Services is an approved Energy Service Company (ESCO), which supplies natural gas and electricity to the public utilities, who in turn deliver it to their customers. The benefit of getting these commodities from Hudson Energy Services as opposed to the utility company is that Hudson Energy Services is able to offer guaranteed low fixed rates, while utilities do not offer fixed rates. In addition, public utilities have certain taxes and fees that are imposed on them by the Federal and State government that do not apply to ESCOs.

“In light of the economic slowdown that is affecting families and organizations throughout our community, we encourage people to capitalize on this unique opportunity, which will put money back in their pockets,” said Rabbi Roizman.

NCYI Executive Vice President Rabbi Pesach Lerner noted that the Young Israel Movement has been working diligently to address the financial struggles that are currently affecting countless families throughout the community. In addition to the program with Hudson Energy Services, the NCYI also organized a fundraising conference for not-for-profit organizations, as well as several programs aimed at helping families cope with the current economic downturn. In addition, the NCYI runs an e-mail-based employment bulletin board called NCYIJOBS, which is intended to assist Jews throughout the world that are either seeking jobs themselves, or are interested in hiring new employees. With nearly 2,800 registered members, NCYIJOBS is a comprehensive job seeking resource that serves a critical communitywide need.

“In these trying economic times, the National Council of Young Israel is actively seeking ways to help families, synagogues, and schools cope with the crisis,” said Rabbi Lerner. “The Young Israel Movement is not just talking about the problem; we are working to ameliorate the problem through creative solutions and a common sense approach.”

For more information about how the Affinity Program can help you raise money for your organization, please call Hudson Energy Services at (845) 228-3402 or e-mail In addition, people can call the NCYI at (212) 929-1525, e-mail, or visit for additional information.

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