Yizkereim Releases Holocaust Documentary for The Three Weeks


yizkereimNew York, NY – In an effort to educate young and old about the Holocaust, The Rabbi Leib Geliebter Memorial Foundation/Yizkereim, presents “Strike On Heaven,” a poignant documentary exposing the Third Reich’s war on Yiddishkeit. The documentary is the sixth in a series of inspiring and educational Holocaust documentaries, produced in conjunction with the Zechor Yemos Olam Division of Torah Umesorah.

The film will be shown in numerous venues worldwide during the Three Weeks, beginning on July 15 and ending on August 5.

Through archival footage, and personal interviews with survivors and Holocaust experts, the film tells the story of the Nazis’ wholesale attempt to spiritually annihilate the Jews. “Strike on Heaven” ends on an uplifting note by highlighting the rebuilding and growth of Jewish life and Torah learning in Eretz Yisrael and around the world.

“Itis critical that we hear the voices of survivors now and vividly connect with their individual experiences, before the final note of Ne’eilah of that generation is sounded. We must pass on the torch of remembrance to future generations,” said Dr. Joseph Geliebter, Director of Yizkereim.

Watching the film will undoubtedly inspire viewers to greater adherence to mitzvot and help strengthen emunah -particularly important during the Three Weeks.

The film comes on the heels of Yizkereim’s successful Av Harachamim Yizkor Awareness campaign initiated this past Shavuos. The campaign encouraged shuls to properly commemorate those communities that were destroyed al Kiddush HaShem, by waiting to recite Av Harachamim in unison as a communal Yizkor, when everyone reassembled following the recitation of the individual Yizkor for departed family members. The inaugural Av Harachamim campaign was adopted by multiple shuls around the world.

“The Av Harachamim campaign was instituted in our shul and it went beautifully. It was a moving way for all of our members to join together to remember the Kedoshim,” said Rabbi Eytan Feiner of Congregation Kneseth Israel-The White Shul,in Far Rockaway. “We took it one step further and said the Kel Malei as well which was a great Kiddush Hashem.”

To participate in our upcoming Yizkereim program and to arrange a documentary showing in a shul or other venue near you, please contact Leah Sugarman at845-356-2961 x 4321 or emailinfo@yizkereim.com.The Yizkereim Three Weeks Program is co-sponsored by Agudath Israel of America, National Council of Young Israel, and Orthodox Union.

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