Yerushalayim Wiffle Ball Tournament Marks Shloshim of Ezra Schwartz Hy”d


ezra schwartzThis past Erev Shabbos, a wiffle ball tournament was held in Yerushalayim’s Gan Sacher Park in memory of Ezra Schwartz Hy”d, the 18-year-old American who was murdered in Gush Etzion during a terrorist attack a little over a month ago.

The tournament, which largely commemorated Ezra’s love and passion for baseball, marked the shloshim following his petirah.

“We heard at the funeral amongst the many other meaningful eulogies, and particularly from his coach, who spoke so beautifully and eloquently about his relationship with Ezra, about how much baseball and sports meant for Ezra,” Rabbi Gotch Yudin, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivat Ashreinu, said.

{ Israel}


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