Yerushalayim: Triplets Born to Noted Medical Askan Rabbi Yisrael Gavra


hadassah-medical-centerOn the second day of Pesach, the Yerushalayim community was gladdened by the news that triplets were born to the noted medical askan Rabbi Yisrael Gavra and his wife. The triplets are three healthy girls.

Rabbi Gavra is renowned in Yerushalayim’s Haddassa Ein Kerem Hospital, where he is especially involved in the care for young oncology patients as a leader of the Darkei Miriam organization which assists oncology patients. For years, he made the long walk to Ein Kerem on Shabbosos to encourage cancer patients, until he recently moved, with his wife, to the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood, so he could live adjacent to hospital and minister to patients.

Rabbi Gavra and his wife had been married for numerous years without children. Still, they always kept up cheerful spirits. Instead of giving into despair, they threw themselves into being misameach others in difficult circumstances. Now, boruch Hashem, they have been zocheh to a triple simcha.

Darkei Miriam has set up a fund to help the Gavra Family defray the staggering costs associated with the births if the triplets.

“Rav Yisrael has done so much for so many, often in challenging times of sorrow,” Rabbi Zev Weingarten of Darkei Miriam told Israel. “It is such a great zechus for us to try to give back to him, this time at a time of simcha!” For more information, email

{ Israel News Bureau}



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