Yerushalayim Sees Sharp Rise In Violent Security Incidents During This Summer


YERUSHALAYIM HAR HAZEISIMThe Old City of Yerushalayim and its surrounding area have seen a sharp rise in violent security incidents during this summer, newly publicized data reveals.

According to the Israeli Construction Ministry—which gathered data on security incidents that occurred in the Old City basin, including the Mount of Olives, Silwan, the City of David, and other areas—there were 580 violent security incidents reported in June and July.

Among the incidents, 477 were incidents of stone-throwing at vehicles, 28 were Molotov cocktails thrown at Jewish-owned vehicles and homes, and others included the throwing of glass bottles, fireworks, and vandalism, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

“We are operating based on a plan that includes the deployment of increased forces, both covert and public activity, the incorporation of special units to conduct arrests and the incorporation of many technological measures against rioting in east Jerusalem, in order to protect the residents of the city and its visitors and increase their security,” the Jerusalem Police said in a statement.


{ Israel}



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