Yerushalayim: 62,000 Children Lack Proper Classrooms


Yerushalayim mayor Nir Barkat is negotiating with the Knesset Monetary Council for an 800 million shekel loan to build 1,000 classrooms. During the discussions he revealed that the city lacks 3,804 proper classrooms, 505 for the regular sector, 1,419 for chareidi schools and 1,938 for east Yerushalayim.

Deputy Mayor Yitzchok Pindrus said this lack translates into 62,000 chareidi children learning in thin walled prefabricated structures.

“We must put everything we have into [overcoming] the shortage of classrooms,” said UTJ councilman Eliezer Reichberger. “I invite you to come to the Bayit Vegan, Givat Shaul and Ramot neighborhoods. Children are learning in puddles of water.”

{ Israel News}


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