Yankees Fantasy Camp Goes Kosher


yankeesThe Five Towns Jewish Times reports:
The New York Yankees baseball team have announced the addition of strictly kosher and Shabbos accommodations at their November 2009 and January 2010 Fantasy Camps. Glatt kosher food will be provided by Weberman Foods with OK supervision. A Friday Dream Game will also be played so Shomer Shabbos Jews can participate. Kosher campers will fully participate in all regular camp activities and have three strictly kosher meals served daily. The camp will offer traditional Shabbos davening Friday night and Shabbos, as well as provide special Shabbos speakers and programming.Founded in 1997, the New York Yankees Fantasy Camp has hosted over 1,500 campers and 50 former New York Yankees players. It is located in Tampa, Florida.

For 6 days and 7 nights, campers experience life in the Big Leagues as they dress in full Yankees uniform and share the same spring training locker room and fields as the real New York Yankees. A personal clubhouse locker, personal clubhouse staff, full Yankees uniform, and professional trainers are just some of what is included in the Fantasy Camp package.

{5tjt.com/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. In Florida the weberman catering with the OK is good enough. In other areas like the metro New York area it just is a no fly.Perhaps they could pick up the Volover Or Hisachdus hashgochas

  2. I can appreciate being a baseball fan, but how can people spend such amounts of money on such things when there so many yidden in dire straits!?
    (Obviously this is just one example of this phenomenon. You can fill in the blank with a bunch of things)


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