Yair Lapid Hails Move to Shrink Chareidi Housing Benefits


yair-lapidIsrael – The housing cabinet led by Finance Minister Yair Lapid approved a new set of criteria for public housing on Monday, scaling back many provisions that primarily aided the chareidi community.

“We’re keeping our promises and fixing distortions that have been present for years,” Lapid said. “The distortions created advantages for those who did not serve in the army and those who don’t work.” Read more here.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. So this RASHA is now punishing his own citizens? As the leader of his Nation (Netanyahu has been AWOL since the last elections) he is creating a divide, pitting one segment against another segment! They did the exact same thing in Poland & Germany before WWII.

  2. what about gush katif is he proud of “the governments distortion and broekn promises” as well. what a 2 bit thug rotten politician. may his end come soon with as much suffering as he has inflicted

  3. ?? ????? ???? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ?’

    Lapid! your day will also come! and it will NOT be a soft lsanding….


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