World’s Longest ‘Chained’ Agunah Freed After Husband’s Death


divorceFrom The The husband of a woman who was believed to be the world’s longest-serving agunah – “chained wife” – has died.  Susan Zinkin and Israel Errol Elias divorced in the civil courts in 1962, but he refused to give her a get.

Ms. Zinkin was therefore unable to remarry under Orthodox auspices.

News of the death of Mr. Elias, who was 86 and lived in Golders Green, emerged on Monday.

Ms. Zinkin, a retired English teacher who now lives in Israel, told her friend Gloria Proops: “A weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”

Ms. Proops was the founder of the Agunah Campaign, which successfully campaigned for 33 women in Britain to receive a get.

Ms. Zinkin divorced Mr Elias for mental cruelty after he kidnapped their baby daughter Deborah and took her to Israel.

The Agunah Campaign held weekly demonstrations outside Mr. Elias’s home, but were unable to persuade him to give his ex-wife a get.

Ms. Proops said: “I always said Susan would become a widow to be free of this marriage, that has limped along for all these wasted years.”

{ Newscenter}


  1. I don’t know anything about this case but, I’ve seen several cases where the woman is the one pulling the shtick- refusing to take a get etc., and the running around claiming shes an agunah who’s suffering (and needs tzedokah money of course). There are woman who are just as much at fault

  2. Shaila – I am in my 70’s.
    Truth – your remarks are made without any knowledge of my case. I received no maintenance from my ex. He did not even pay child support ordered by the Courts at One pound Sterling per week, except for a few months prior to the Civil divorce.He did not return property to me that the UK Courts ordered him to return – and I would never have refused a “Get” – He was the one who refused! Don’t judge people without the facts!


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