Woman Stuck By Needle In Target Parking Lot Awarded $4.6 Million


A jury has awarded a South Carolina woman more than $4.6 million after she was stuck by a hypodermic needle picked up in a Target parking lot, Fox News reports.

Carla Denise Garrison’s award would be one of the largest in Anderson County history if it stands.

Court documents say the Anderson woman was in the retailer’s parking lot in May 2014 when her daughter picked up a hypodermic needle. Garrison swatted it out of her hand and was stuck in her own palm.

Garrison was bedridden because of medication prescribed because of the potential risk of HIV. The paper reports Garrison’s attorney had offered Target a deal of $12,000. The company offered $750 in response. Instead, she’ll be getting $4.6 million!

Only in America, friends.



  1. Ridiculous,Target didn’t put the needle there ,it’s not negligence.This opens up so many possibilities of fraud.I hope Target wins on appeal.


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