Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Visits Lakewood


wisconsin-governor-scott-walkerWisconsin Governor Scott Walker paid a visit to Lakewood, NJ, yesterday to attend a fundraiser at the home of Dr. Rich Roberts.

While in Lakewood, the governor was given a tour of Beth Medrash Govoha, the largest yeshiva on the continent.

Walker has become a hero of the right, winning accolades for forcing public employee unions to contribute more toward their pensions and health coverage. The change led directly to a complete turnaround in Wisconsin’s fiscal situation, turning a ten-figure deficit into a huge surplus.

Walker has made no secret of his intent to run for the presidency in 2016, although he hasn’t officially declared for the race.

With Walker’s visit, Roberts’ influence in Republican politics has become even more pronounced. In the last year, he has also hosted Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham.

{Chana Baumol-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Governor Scott Walker would make an outstanding President!

    Instead of the middle class constantly getting the short end of the stick by this Administration’s extreme RADICAL left-wing policy of runaway spending and the spending of money we do not have, Mr. Walker would help restore fiscal sanity in our country.

  2. Kol hakavod to Dr Roberts for everything he does. I greatly admire him for his chesed and work for the tzibbur.

  3. Thanks to Dr. Roberts for what he does. However, we have to realize that political activism has limits. Candidates take contributions, smile, say nice words, but don’t necessarily do whatever the donor wants in office, if they make it that far.

    We should work to be spiritually worthy of yeshuos, and pray to Hashem, in addition to other kinds of efforts that might be needed.

  4. Baruch Hashem we have a Frum Askan that helps out (puts his money where his mouth is) good upstanding Republicans that share our moral values and is Machshiv Bnei Torah! This is a breath of much needed fresh air & gives me, as a Frum Jew, hope for the future. Mr. Roberts should be Matzliach & keep on making a Kiddush Hashem for all of us!

  5. Why MUST Matzav act like little immature babies and edit/cover-up every comment they’re to stupid to grasp?! You think you’re being cute by leaving out crucial information? YOU are part of the problem! Who threatened you?


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