Willy Thief Can’t Identify Supposed “Attacker” in Police Lineup


williamsburg police lineupBrooklyn, NY – Chassidishe volunteers who recently detained a thief in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, were detained on the claim by the thief that he was beaten – but the thief was unable to identify who the suspect was.

The reason?

All the detainees looked too much alike.

That poor excuse had the group immediately sent home.

Due to several incidents of thefts and assaults in recent months, the Williamsburg frum neighborhood of New York set up volunteer guards  to ensure the security of residents and in order to discourage burglars and thieves.

One local thief was caught by volunteers and then apprehended by the New York Police Department. However, he later claimed that he was innocent and called for police to open an investigation to find the volunteer who he claims assaulted him when he was caught committing the crime.

After an intensive investigation, police detained a number of members of the community and they were taken to the police station for questioning.

The police were ultimately forced to release the “suspects,” since the complainant could not identify his supposed “attacker.”

“They all look alike and I have no idea who did it,” said the thief.

He might want to think twice before stealing again. Then he won’t have to go through the trouble of deciphering a lineup.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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