Will Sandra Leave Moishy?


sandra-moishyAs communities around the world mark the first anniversary of the terror attacks on the Chabad House in Mumbai, Sandra Samuels, the brave nanny who saved two-year-old Moishy Holtzberg from the clutches of death, wants to go back to India. “My home is India. I belong to India. The kid is quite attached to his grandparents now, and I would like to move on,” Sandra, whose exemplary courage attracted worldwide attention, told Channel 2.”I felt a kind of responsibility when Moishy lost his parents, knowing that he was so attached to me. Now he has adjusted to the new surrounding and his family members just adore him,” said the nanny, who got a special permission from the Israeli government to move here with the kid last year.

Moishy is celebrating his third birthday today, but misses his parents and often inquires about them.

“During the last one year, he has asked not once or twice where his father and mother are. Everytime while going to the kindergarten and on his way back, he sees his parents photos twice and asks about them. We tell him they are in heaven with God,” Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg, father of Moishy’s mother Rivky, told the Israeli TV channel.

{Chabad.info/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. the title sounds like the soap opera “As the world turns”. or, enquiring minds wants to know.

    To goodness sakes, change to title. Its starting to appear as though your milking this subject r’l for all you can.

  2. #1, I couldn’t agree more! I had a real laugh… My first instinct was that this lovely couple really took the age gap issue seriously….
    HA! Thanks matzav for making me smile! Keep ’em coming!


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