Will Netanyahu Cancel DC Trip, Speech?


netanyahuBibi Netanyahu’s appearance before the U.S. Congress is usually a source of pride and unity. But the Prime Minister’s planned trip to Washington – opposed by the White House and many Democrats – has Israel in uproar.

The Israeli leader faces growing calls to cancel the visit as rivals accuse him of risking Israel’s relations with the United States in hopes of winning extra votes in next month’s Israeli parliamentary election.

But Netanyahu has shown no signs of backing down, saying Sunday he would “do everything” to prevent U.S.-led international negotiators from reaching a “bad and dangerous agreement” with Iran over its nuclear program.

The U.S. is Israel’s closest and most important ally. While ties remain strong between the nations, relations between Netanyahu and President Barack Obama are another matter. The two have long had strained personal relations and differ on many policy issues, with Netanyahu favoring a more confrontational approach to his foes over Obama’s inclination toward diplomacy and compromise. Read more.



  1. Nothing wrong with him speaking to AIPAC. The problem is that he has allowed himself to become a tool of the Republican party. How unbecoming the head of government of a sovereign state!

    And what is he going to say to Congress that he isn’t going to say to AIPAC?

  2. the perfect solution: Bibi delays his appearance before the congress until a week after the Israeli elections.That will take care of OBs lame excuse about not interfering in Israeli elections.This will require an agreement between the Dems and Repubs and even the Administration so that OB can attend the joint session.I think this would sew up Bibis’ reelection.It would also allow Israel to have a say in any Iran negotiation by making its voice heard in advance of any “deal”


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