WikiLeaks: Rahm Emanuel Used a Private Email Setup, Too


Information pieced together from recent WikiLeaks releases and the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton reveals that Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has also used a private email configuration, NEWSER reports.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the domain,, was registered on May 16, 2011—the same day Emanuel was sworn in as mayor of Chicago.

Emanuel’s spokesman Adam Collins says the mayor only uses a custom email domain, not a private server. Collins explains “After the mayor’s election in 2011, the campaign fund set up a new email to ensure the mayor was not using government email for private or political use, which could violate city ordinance or state law. A dedicated Gmail domain allowed for better security given the growing threat of cyberattacks.”

It’s not clear whether Emanuel conducted government business on a personal email account.



  1. Emanuel has failed the black community of Chicago. With daily shooting murders on the public streets, Rahm has shown only contempt for the black people he has sworn to protect. It is a disgrace that he is allowed to stay in power and continue to hurt the black community.


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