Why Some Clocks Jumped Back an Hour Last Week


hebrew-clockIf your alarm clock woke you up an hour earlier than expected last week, blame the electronics, and the federal government. Clocks made the switch from daylight savings time to standard time this morning, but some automated timepieces may already made the jump back an hour this past week

“This could be a real problem with some older clocks and other electronic devices that are preprogrammed to fall back an hour on the last Sunday in October,” one jeweler told Matzav.com.

The problem lies with the federal government’s decision to end daylight-savings time a week later.

In 2007, the end of daylight savings time was pushed back to the first Sunday in November.

This year, daylight savings time ended at 2 o’clock this morning, November 6.

While standard clocks and other devices are easily reset manually, some electronics are programmed with calendars that automatically adjust for the time change on the last Sunday of October.

“I have clocks in my own home that have already updated themselves for standard time,” said the jeweler. “People need to be aware that some clocks are showing the wrong time.”

Some digital clocks, VCRs and oven clocks could be impacted by the change.

Personal computers, DVRs and most newer electronics should not be affected.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. We have an automatic clock that doesn’t like DST at all, not even in the summer. It always corrects itself to EST no matter if and when it is reset.

  2. It happened to me last shabbos I daven in an 8am minyon. I woke up 715 on my clock I realized something was amiss at “7:45” when I passed a shul who has a chevra thilim for children before davening and I began to wonder if they daven at 9 why are they saying thilim at 7:45. I still dont know this happened shabbos morn and not sunday.


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