Why Does Jimmy Carter Ignore Hamas Terrorism?


jimmy-carterBy Michael Rubin

Jimmy Carter has steadily embraced ever-more leftist and extreme causes since his 1980 election loss. In recent years, he has found his own club of former officials, and joined a self-appointed group of “Elders” which deigns from their unelected and therefore unaccountable posts to dispense what they see as wisdom. Often, that wisdom includes legitimizing if not embracing Hamas, a terrorist group that unapologetically targets civilians and embraces a covenant which implies if not endorses genocide against Jews.

Here is the Elders’ statement applauding the Palestinian unity deal. In the past, Elder delegations have traveled to Gaza to parlay with Hamas and have called for the lifting of a blockade which, of course, did not prevent the import of food, medicine, or building materials, but only mandated an inspection given Hamas’s predilection for rocketry, explosives, and terrorism. Carter and his fellow Elders have ignored Hamas terrorism and remained completely uninterested in details or facts that would interfere in their narrative of demonizing Israel. Indeed, Carter has even gone so far as to falsify his own notes in order to rewrite history to exculpate Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad.

That Mary Robinson has joined Carter in the most recent statement praising the Hamas deal also shouldn’t surprise. After all, she was the sponsor of the UN’s so-called “World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance” which, under her leadership, became an orgy of anti-Semitic hatred. And, while she led the UN Human Rights Commission, she presided over the passage of a resolution that endorsed suicide bombing against civilians as legitimate under international law. Hence, her love affair with Hamas seems par for the course.

If Carter, Robinson, and their fellow-travelers truly sought peace, they might recognize that Hamas’s refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist and its refusal to renounce terrorism-as required by the Oslo Accords upon which the Palestinian Authority is based-threaten to undercut the basis of any peace process: the fact that diplomatic deals don’t expire.

Carter, of course, may see himself as a peacemaker, but increasingly it’s hard not to see him as a bigoted man consumed with his own ego and hateful toward Jews. Given his activity in the Elders, and the evolution of his recent writing, his next book should be titled, The Protocols of the Elders of Atlanta. I’m sure he could get Max Blumenthal, Desmond Tutu, and David Duke to endorse it.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. You can call Mr. Carter a book end or just a slave, but never ask him if he has a preference for the return clearance at the library of faith. He misses his book return by a mile. Never Again.


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