Why Didn’t Grodno Talmidim Use Their Siddurim Friday Night?


The Grodno Yeshiva in Ashdod had no electricity Friday night due to an electrical failure.

After shkiah, it was discovered that there was a problem with the generator used at the yeshiva to power its electricity on Shabbos, as ordained by the late rosh yeshiva, Rav Dov Tzvi Karelenstein zt”l.

The rosh yeshiva, Rav Moshe Kerelenstein, advised for Maariv to be delayed until gentile workers could replace the generator.

Indeed, Maariv was delayed, but there was difficulty finding gentiles to do the work needed.

Subsequently, it was announced to the bnei hayeshiva by Rav Avrohom Yona Sternfeld, a member of the hanhalah, that the power of the yeshiva is coming from electricity, which the yeshiva does not use on Shabbos, rather than from a generator, and thus the talmidim should not use their siddurim, which would have them benefiting from the chashmal, which, as mentioned, they do not use, following the stringency of the Chazon Ish due to concern that it is powered through the melachah of a Jew.

Rav Sternfeld made the announcement from the bimah and the talmidim followed his directive.

Toward the end of davening, non-Jews were found and they hooked up the generator, to the relief of the many talmidim.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


    • What if the ink used was imported or made by jews on shabbos? What if anything they use daily was imported on Shabbos or the “final nail was struck” on shabbos?


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