West Bank Flyers: Learn From Chareidim, Win Battle


protestThroughout the West Bank, flyers were distributed this week with the title “Learn from the Chareidim – Win the battle.” A copy of the flyer distributed read, “In the State of Israel, only those who flip over tables win. This is what the Arabs did in the intifada… this is what the Druze did in Pekiin… this is what the Chareidim did in Meah Shearim and the police folded.” The flyer is signed by “Residents of the West Bank.”{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. “Turning over tables” – an interesting phrase for the Three Weeks.

    The Shulchan in the Beit HaMikdash symbolized parnassah. L’fi midahk’negged midah, if these “activists” succeed in “turning over tables” and succeed in tarnishing Israel’s reputation abroad, that might lead to a decrease in investments – foreign and domestic – and indeed “turn over tables” by affecting Israel’s economic condition.

    Remember the Biryonim and Sicarii? They also wanted to protest the non-combativeness of their contemporary Jewish government – and succeeded in overthrowing that government, and all of Yerushalayim along with it, religious, civil and economic.

    The theme for the Three Weeks has always been restraint. Let these “activists” restrain themselves. Their garbage-burning heroes in Meah Shearim have already given the Hareidi world a black eye, and a wonderful excuse for those who are already prejudiced against them.

  2. Please let there be the ‘sheep who march to the end’ b’ahuvah. If we have been taught to admire Spiritual Resistance in the limud of the Holocaust, let it continue to modern times.

    Loudmouths do not win rather they make global noise.

  3. The “settlers’ have to realize that they are only able to stay there because of the Army’s protection. If they act like Meah Shearim hoolligans, they will lose what very little public support they have. Most Israelis are more than willing to give up on “shtachim” if anyone actually believed it would bring peace.The only things stopping it is that the dumb Arabs can’t pretend to like us long enough to get the land and then turn on us. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.


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