Weprin: “I Am Not Running for Rosh Yeshiva”


david-weprin1If Democrat congressional candidate David Weprin had his way, the race to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress would not be focused on Israel and President Barack Obama at all.

“The real issues in this campaign are preserving Social Security and Medicare and creating jobs,” said Weprin.

His Republican opponent Bob Turner sees it differently.

“For many, this is an important referendum on Israel. This government, the Obama administration, has pursued a course that is antithetical to the interests of Israel,” Turner said.

The emergence of Israel as a major issue in this race is something of a surprise. Weprin is an orthodox Jew, yet some strong supporters of Israel are calling on voters to back his opponent.

One of them, Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind, crossed party lines to back Turner.

“I need something fresh. Bob Turner is something fresh,” Hikind said. “And the other side, the only way they think they can win, by the way, is to scare people.”

Weprin has had trouble winning over some Jewish voters because of his vote in favor of same-gender marriage. He defended the vote in front of a largely Jewish audience at a candidate forum.

“It has nothing to do with my personal religious beliefs. I am not running for Rosh Yeshiva,” said Weprin.

{NY1/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The stupid “Rosh Yeshiva” comment is an old talking point, already used by Joe Lieberman & Shelly Silver when they also were questioned about their support for SSM & partial birth abortion. To those with Weprin’s campaign, it’s not going to help! The tide has turned, B”H. You can still abandon the sinking Weprin ship & join us in the Bob Turner winners circle. When you lose with Weprin, you will be 0 for 3 & your consulting firm will lose all credibility in the Frum community!

  2. If, as Mr. Weprin claims, he voted to legalize NYS SSM, only because he supports civil rights for SSM,

    why was it necessary for him to march in a Toeivah-pride parade, and why did he pose for a picture with a man in a dress?

    R”L There have been Toeivah-pride parades BEFORE the first state ever legalized SSM. These parades are meant to show the world that the participants are PROUD of their Toeivah practice; and those “straight” people who march with them show that they support this.

    So Mr. Weprin’s participation in the parade shows that he supports Toeivah practice, not just civil rights for SSM.

    It seems that Mr. Weprin thinks that the practice of Yiddishkeit (which includes opposition to Toeivah-practice and SSM) is something that you can either leave at home or take along with you, as it suits you.

    So when he’s in public, let him take off his Yamulka, and let him call himself a Conservative, Reform, or Reconstructionist Jew; anything but an Orthodox Jew.

  3. Also, when Mr. Weprin says that he’s not running for the post of Rosh Yeshiva;

    does that mean that only a Rosh Yeshiva opposes SSM?

    Are Jews who are not a Rosh Yeshiva C”V supposed to agree with Toeivah-practice and SSM?

  4. In his June 15 speech, Weprin said his own Orthodox rabbi would not marry a Jew and a non-Jew, which he felt was wrong – and that same gender marriage was no different.

    Roish?? not even a zonov!!!


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