Wedding of Grandson of Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky


rav-shmuel-kamenetsky1The wedding of a grandson of Harav Shmuel Kamenetsky, rosh hayeshiva of Yeshiva of Philadelphia, will take place tonight at the Belzer Hall, Tiferes Mordechai, at 600 McDonald Avenue, corner of Avenue C, in Brooklyn. The chupah will begin at 7:30 and the Simchas Chosson V’Kallah will take place at 10:00.

The chosson, Yaakov Kamenetsky, is a son of Rav Zev Kamenetsky. The kallah, Chayala Gross, is a daughter of Rav Menachem Gross.

The chosson is a great-grandson of Maran Harav Yaakov Kamenetsky zt”l, rosh hayeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, whom he is named after.

The auf ruf was held this past Shabbos in Lakewood, NJ, and the Shabbos sheva brachos will be held this coming Shabbos in Lakewood as well.

{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. R’Ze’ev is a magid shiur par excellence in MKT Belmar. All of us from Belmar wish him and his family a gigantic mazel tov. May they see much nachas from the chassan and kallah ad meah v’esrim.

  2. First time I ever saw a wedding announcement and not even a mention of the existence of a Kallah! Is this some weird type of chumra?

  3. We inadvertantly omitted the kallah’s name. We apologize. The kallah is Chayala Gross, daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Menachem Gross.


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