Watch: What Does Trump Have In Store For The GOP Convention?


Senior adviser Barry Bennett weighs in on efforts to bring more excitement to the event.




  1. Trump is quite scary. His hate speech and terror based hate if he ever is elected will have a result of blackening the idea of American liberty and debasing the dollar.

    This will devalue the dollar and an economist might have serious fears for the market. Hillary seems stabile for the economy.

    One does not think that Trump should be allowed to continue to run and it is curious what the FBI and CIA may in fact have going on behind the closure of their offices. My thoughts are that Hillary might have her issues with an investigation but I am lost to think Trump is not investigated privately either.

    I am curious what might be his freedoms and it seems hate bargained not to release tax information.

    Could this be more scary?

    C’vs to see if Mr. Trump could be elected. I do not know how the markets would ever be more taken by the negativity.

    There is no social responsibility in Trump and terrorism and immigration can be controlled by many methods in office.

    Hate is the only factor driving Trump in this election. This is scary.


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