WATCH: Triple the Inspiration with Project Inspire


If you’ve ever been inspired by a Project Inspire video, community gathering, Shabbos, or Convention and wanted to share the beauty of a life of Torah and mitzvos, this is the time. If you’ve ever wanted to create real, lasting change within the hearts and souls of others Jews, this is the time.

Today, your gift will send Jinspire men and women on the ultimate Jewish experience: a life-changing Israel journey.

It can’t happen without you.

THIS IS THE TIME. Because the value of your gift goes THROUGH THE ROOF when you donate to Project Inspire. This is your opportunity to LEVERAGE your donation and TRIPLE your impact in connecting Jewish men and women to their heritage and people. Every DONATION will be TRIPLED.

Because of you, unaffiliated Jewish men and women will have 8 days to explore and discover Israel. Your gift allows them to FEEL the vibrancy of a life of Torah. Accompanied by trained mentors from Project Inspire, they will uncover the warmth of spirituality that can catapult them to new heights.

With your support, they can return to their home communities energetic, ready to engage in the Jinspire events waiting for them: Wine and Wisdom Events, Shabbat and Holiday Events, Challah Bakes, Inspiring Classes and most of all, the friendship of dedicated local volunteers and Project Inspire staff.  

CLICK HERE to donate today and triple the inspiration!

Please call us with any questions or for assistance: 646-461-3316.



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