Watch: Tisha B’Av at the Kosel 100 Years Ago



  1. Does anyone know what the words written on the kosel were and when they were removed? I have never seen them before in any pictures.

  2. All picture of the Kosel over 100 years ago show writing on it. I can’t imagine who wrote on it.

    These videos probably weren’t taken on tisha b’Av because the people in it are wearing streimals (Shabbos clothing)

  3. The writing is still there it just that when we got the model back the dug down another 2 stones so he stones with writing on it are the 5th stone instead of the 3rd one as in the video

  4. People wrote “Yankel ben Shmerel was here on Rosh Chodesh Tamuz” or whatever. People had a different attitude toward holy sites back then, nothing wrong with that.

    And yes, men and women mixed, because the Kotel was not a shul.


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