Watch: Teaneck Resident Ross Rothenberg, of the Rothenberg Law Firm, Throws Out First Pitch at Yesterday’s NY Mets Game



  1. Hey, what is that guy doing out there, Harry? If anyone deserves to be out there it is me. If I knew Torah like I know and followed the Mets from 1962-1969 the Gedolei HaDoar would stand up for me when I walk in the room.

    I was at the second game played at Shea Stadium. And I saw Tom Seaver pitch a perfect game for 8 1/3 innings. I saw all the great ones at the big Shea. I even saw them play a half dozen times at the old Polo Grounds. So, Harry, get me some special protection and put me out there.

  2. Hi Ross, last time you and I were at the same ball game I caught a fly ball and you accused me of buying it at the gift shop!
    Then tell me this: Why’d I have the bowl, Bart? Why’d I have the bowl!

    go Yankees! (even though I live in Bucks)


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