Watch: Shwekey, Benny and Gertner Turn Out for Yitzy Waldner’s Daughter’s Wedding


Last night, the wedding of Shalom Eliezer Hershowitz and Shevy Waldner was held. The chosson is a son of Rabbi and Mrs. Yosef Dovid Hershkowitz. The kallah is a daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Yitzy Waldner.

The kallah’s father, Yitzy, is a famed composer of music, one of the most celebrated composers in the chareidi world today, having written some of the most well-known songs of the last two decades.

In honor of Yitzy’s simcha, various singers and stars turned out to the wedding to enhance the chasunah and share it with Yitzy personally. These included Yaakov Shwekey from Long Branch, Benny Friedman from Crown Heights, and Shloime Gertner from London. Producer Gershy Moskowitz also participated. These singers enhanced the simcha with their neginah, joining Yitzy’s brother, well-known singer Shauly Waldner, on stage.

Music at the wedding was played by the multi-talented and incomparable Avrumi Berko.


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  1. Wow, the biggest mussar is the beautiful tznius that the current composer of many of Jewish music’s newest hits is that he was able to generate a simcha with a 1 man band. Lets all take a lesson in tznius…


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