Watch: Rav Gamliel Rabinovich on Stop the Talking in Shul



  1. Would someone kindly translate the Yiddish to English for those of us who don’t speak Yiddish.
    Thank you

  2. Translation:
    Don’t speak in shul- it is bad and disrespectful to Hashem and disturbs other people.
    And I didn’t even watch!
    This whole campaign in my humble opinion is a mistake:
    First of all, b”H it is rare to go into a shul nowadays that tolerates talking at all anyway.
    Secondly, people need to be good Jews with their interactions- be honest, be kind, be responsible, do mitzvos, give charity, learn Torah etc… Make a Kiddush Hashem. This whole campaign is peculiar focus on a specific thing that sort of misses the point of being a good Jew. A good Jew who respects Hashem won’t talk in shul- this campaign promotes the notion that one can be strict about not talking in shul and thereby consider themselves a good person when that can be far from the case.
    Lastly, stop wasting these Gedolim’s time. They agree to do it because someone is asking them and they are nice and it is a politically neutral subject. But we don’t need out Giants to tell us Alef Beis notions of yiddishkeit.


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