Watch: Rabbi Yari’s Kulanu Yachad Presents Life Altering Shabbos


In 2 weeks, a kiruv explosion is about to take place.

Mommy can we start eating kosher food?

How can I see to it that my children grow up to be like these Bais Yaakov girls?

From now on Shabbos is Shabbos.

A university student begins to put on teffilin – that’s a life altering Shabbos. A Young professional becomes Shomer Shabbos – that’s a life altering Shabbos. A family moves to the frum community – that’s a life altering Shabbos. For five days, 400 yidden will be immersed in the Kulanu Yachad Gala Seminar atmosphere and have the opportunity to experience our beautiful mesorah. The passionate words of Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz encapsulates the incredible impact of the Kulanu Yachad Shabbaton experience:

Kiruv around the world is reaching hundreds and thousands of people. Rarely is there a situation that changes lives at this magnitude. At Kulanu Yachad, there are real results. There is an unbelievable percentage of Yidden who actually change their lives. Look around the country, you’ll find chashuva talmidim, healthy frum families, even community leaders that have reached their level of commitment to Torah and have inspired others as a direct result of their Kulanu Yachad experience!

Kulanu Yachad actualizes the tireless year round efforts of mekarvim throughout the world. “Our whole year goal is to bring people to your event. That’s where they become frum!” Last year, Shabbos Parshas Shemos was a transformative Shabbos for the more than 400 Yidden who congregated in the Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. Not only was the first-class hotel transformed into a warm, vibrant Jewish community, but every single person from participant to volunteer staff members left the Shabbos a changed person!

This year the Gala event will begin on Thursday, 22 Kislev/December 22 and B’ezras Hashem, Jews from all walks of life and from cities across the country will gather at the hotel and be warmly welcomed by the volunteer staff and Rabbi Yari (as Rabbi Yaroslawitz is fondly called by one and all). The next 24-hour period will be set for learning, lectures and Shabbos preparation in a fun and pleasant atmosphere.

Something for Everyone

World Class lecturers, many who themselves were moser nefesh in their lives for Torah, will be flown in from Eretz Yisroel and England specifically for the Shabbaton. They include the much sought-after expert in sholom bayis and chinuch yeladim, Rav Simcha Cohen from Bnei Brak, Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb of Ohr Someyach, Rabbi Akiva Tatz from JLE England, and Mrs Chana Levitan from Neve Yerushalayim will be leading the lady’s programs. Their inspiring shiurim along with unmatched warmth, singing and dancing will B’ezras Hashem once again, bring yiddishe neshamas once lost from Torah, back L’Avinu Shebashamyim.

A Combination of Results: Both Rapid and Long-Term

The Kulanu Yachad seminars in the past have resulted in both long-term and rapid results. There are countless examples of people who accept upon themselves the observance of numerous mitzvos, even before the weekend is over! Whether through major commitments such as accepting to observe kashrus, keep Shabbos or more ‘minor’ commitments such as wearing tzitzis, there isn’t an attendee that isn’t motivated to do more. One attendee even broke up with his gentile fiancé by the third day of the weekend! An Israeli husband who reluctantly joined the seminar only at the insistence of his wife was asking by melave malka, “Do you know what we can get at Starbucks that is kosher?” The attendees are known to return home with a love for Yiddishkeit, a bren which continues to light up their lives.

Kiruv institutions in communities that participate in the K.Y.I. seminars have noted significant increases in regular attendance from the first Shabbos after the seminar. Moreover, numerous new kiruv centers and shuls have been founded or services greatly expanded as a direct result of K.Y.I. seminars.

Rabbi Yari asks all of us that are privileged to live lives filled with kedusha, to invite neighbors, co-workers or relatives, which might not yet have that zechus, to join in this changing Shabbos. Please be mispallel, Rabbi Yari adds, that the upcoming seminar once again, results in a tremendous Kiddush Sheim Shamayim as Hashem’s children return back home.

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