WATCH: Pollster Eats Bug After Trump Win



  1. Oh wow. Why is this on here.

    You as Matzav is known for your Torah site.
    Stay narishkiet. Sheretz is disgusting.

    Would suggest and ask this to be removed.


  2. “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”, Maimonides 1135-1204.

    With just a $120 donation from 5,000 of us we can solve all these problems: Israeli ranches under attack; they have European cattle that don’t fit Israel’s desert environment; the poor people in Israel cannot afford meat; the Galilee has gray semi dead earth that cannot absorb water or carbon; the Galilee is overgrown with 15 foot tall desert shrubs.

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  3. Dear Sir, I don’t know what part of Israel you live in or have visited but it was not the Israel I visited or my relatives lived in. My relatives have meat, fish, chickens, vegies, fruit etc., etc.. If you live there I suggest you go beyond your little shtetle, or town and visit the rest of Israel, for I have and it is really paradise. If you come from another country and have never been there start reading things about Israel, not from its enemies, and if you are just collecting money for your own personal gain you are a ganif and you should be arrested. Yes Maimonides is correct but not your way.


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