Watch: Mike Pence Says “Shalom” to Israel’s Republicans


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, addressed a rally in Yerushalayim held by Republican supporters via video Wednesday evening.

Hundreds of Israeli Trump supporters gathered in a Yerushalayim restaurant overlooking the Old City in an event titled “Jerusalem Forever,” organized by the Republicans Overseas Israel. The event came just hours after UNESCO voted on a second resolution ignoring Jewish and Christian ties to the Har Habayis.

Pence spoke about the common threats Israel and the U.S. face.

“Donald Trump and I stand with Israel because Israel’s fight is our fight, because Israel’s cause is our case,” Pence said. “Like the U.S., Israel is hated by terrorists and the failed states that support them. She is hated by too many progressives because she is successful and her people are free.”


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Shalom Mike! It is not the worth of our Democrat jews still to ever vote for you. You seem to be the yeehaw greeting of the GOP to our pace of jewish life.

    Thanks, but I will think that the Democrats says Shalom and they say Shalom Aleichem when it comes to my safety in America.

    I will not vote GOP.

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