Watch: Karl Rove On Trump’s Surge and How Hillary Has Lied About Everything



  1. This is the most ridiculous election I have ever seen. Mr. Trump and his consort of hate are nothing like Mr. Reagan who beat Mr. Carter.

    Never have I seen so much deriding hate and conglomerate lies. Hillary is a woman and new on the joy of office pursuit by gender. Trump attack the essence of her rights and nearly overwon limited fame of hoped continued marriage.

    Joy ill. Mr. Reagan went after Carter’s politics, hopes and gifted ease. There was no hate politics. Mr. Reagan knew the years were still his friend.

    Are we living in a different world? How can we compare eras where the same voters are now out of their minds? I never saw anything like this as a child. How can our children have any faith in government, flag, state or society? I fear how they should grow up limited in good impressions.

    However this may be politically, the bad fiscal situation is not even a concern. Military needs rarely discussed. Social welfare is hockey puck for even living a long life.

    My G-d, how can anyone even think the constitution is safe?

    Human achievement? No. Thug caveman against woman.

    Hope Trump is not character just for pulling Hillary night and day by the hair of his no return hate.

    More gimmies for the murderers.

    Does America even realize this is terror? Hate is everywhere.

    Give me November and hope Hashem has a sense of humor to elect a woman. It might be over in man out for Trump.


    • While am far from a proponent of trump,
      ” this may be politically, the bad fiscal situation is not even a concern” shows your ignorance and is ridiculous

      Trump and Sanders are doing well ‘davka’ because they made “bad fiscal situation” “a concern”

      Is Trump a “Thug caveman” ..possibly

      Is that worse than the “woman” who vocally stands for moral depravity?

      Do you want males walking into your daughter’s bathroom?


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